Race to Net Zero: How best to cut emissions?
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Race to Net Zero: How best to cut emissions?

Panel discussion
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This content was originally broadcast on
September 3, 2020

Day 2 - Lightning Talk 2

Race to Net Zero: How Best to Cut Emissions?

This session will look at the role of wind as firms and countries plan for net zero:

- Is it likely that the US will commit to net zero carbon emissions?

- Who’s going to take the lead and what role are PPAs set to play?

- How can wind cut its emissions – and it is at risk if it doesn’t?

- What technology innovations will help firms to reach these goals?

- Will carbon pricing help drive change among corporates?


Marcus Krembs, Head of Sustainability, Enel North America

Stuart Murray, Principal Head of Energy Management, AFRY Management Consulting - Moderator

Chandu Visweswariah, Founding President and CEO, Utopus Insights