Sponsorship Opportunities

Under pressure to find deals?

Let the renewables reputation experts here at A Word About Wind - and at our parent company Tamarindo Group help you.

Between us, we have over 150 years’ experience of helping professionals like you. Our expertise spans communications, PR, journalism, marketing, research and design. You can draw on all of these skills to become a ‘go to’ industry expert.

Sounds great. But what does it mean?

Good question. You can work with us on a broad range of sponsored content. These go from live and virtual events to special reports – and some new ideas too. You just need to take advantage of a free 20-minute consultation about your business needs. We can then tailor a content solution that will work for you. Check out our rate cards below.

How it works

Let’s say you’ve decided to team up with us. You will then work closely with our team to develop the right content. In reality, the ‘right’ content contains two main elements:

Commercial focus

You want to be known as a ‘go to’ expert in a particular part of the sector. We will conduct a further one-hour session with you to understand what that is. We then recommend the best way to do that to generate…

Strong editorial interest

This is key. Your content will fail if it simply talks about what you want. You need to fuse your area of commercial interest with a topic to engage our 6,500-strong community, and the wider renewables industry. Frankly, you’ll be wasting your time if you ignore this. You need both elements.

That’s where Tamarindo Group is uniquely positioned to help. We have specialised in the renewable energy industry for a decade. You will get access to our contact book of top investors and editors, as well as our deep understanding of industry trends. If you need further support, we will bring in our sister business Tamarindo Communications.

Benefits to you

First, it’ll position you as a ‘go to’ expert in the industry. When people think about the problem you’re talking about, they’ll think of you. This will help you to bring in more leads. For example, with a sponsored report we would typically see a short-term surge of interest after publication, and a long tail of interest for 12-24 months after.

Second, that expertise will rub off on your teams too. That will help your colleagues in sales and marketing to close deals quickly and frequently. They’ll love it!

But there’s one word of warning. Opportunities are limited. Sponsorships will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss out to your nearest rival.

Take a look at our rate cards below and then pick up the phone to our team.

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