Women's Power List 2021

The Women's Power List is our definitive guide of the 100 female business leaders that exert the most influence on the wind industry through their deals, innovations and strategic thinking.

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Published by A Word About Wind in partnership with Green Giraffe
In partnership with

In July 2021, we will be publishing the second edition of the Women’s Power List, in partnership with renewable energy finance specialist Green Giraffe.

Our goal is to celebrate the contribution of wind’s female leaders and deal-makers, and to follow up on the two goals of our first Women’s Power List in 2017.

First, we believe that highlighting the wide range of roles held by wind’s leading women can encourage the next generation of talented female leaders to pursue their careers in wind; and second, we believe it is in the interests of business in wind to consider if there is more they could do to help to retain talented women. With IRENA reporting that wind lags other renewables on female representation, both remain live issues.

This top 100 will include key women at the industry’s leading developers, investors, lenders, manufacturers, utilities, advisors, lawyers, and corporate energy buyers.

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July 2021
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Women's Power List 2021
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