Published in September 2015, this regional report focuses on the eurozone, and particularly on how wind is faring in the face of wider uncertainty in the European single currency.

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When it comes to wind the eurozone has it all. Established and emerging markets; new-build and secondary investments; onshore and offshore; economic success stories and basket cases.

Four of the top ten wind markets by installed capacity —France, Germany, Italy and Spain —are part of the European single currency; and the region is also home to some of wind’s biggest-hitting investors, developers and manufacturers.

But the prospects for the region are uncertain with challenges including sluggish growth, the knock-on effects of uncertainty in China, and the Greek threat to the very future of the Euro. In the wind market there is the added problem of governments repeatedly changing the rules for the industry.

In this report, we talk to leading experts to get their view on the contrasting fortunes of the region’s different markets, and where we see the investment opportunities in some of the world’s most established wind markets.

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September 2015
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