On-demand video content from A Word About Wind and Tamarindo Group, available exclusively to members.
We are delighted to share this collection of video interviews with moderators from our exciting return to live events with our 2022 Financing Wind Europe conference held in London on 26th May. Our events are exclusively for A Word About Wind members - the key decision-makers in the global wind industry.
In depth interviews with leading figures in the industry.
Over the course of three special interviews, we will take a trip around the globe to analyse the status of the offshore wind sector in three key regions; North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
Exclusive live and virtual networking content from A Word About Wind.
Panel discussions from Financing Wind North America 2021.
Panel discussions from Financing Wind Europe 2021.
For the people powering the renewables revolution.
Panel discussions, lightning talks and breakout sessions from Financing Wind North America 2020.
In this interview series, we’re shining a light on some of the often unseen individuals powering the future of the global renewable energy finance development and investment market.

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