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53% express doubts on wind resources

How confident are you in your wind measurements?

Interview: Mattias Wärn fd Eriksson on Svea Vind's tie-up with Iberdrola

This week, we caught up with Svea Vind’s founder and chief executive Mattias Wärn fd Eriksson to find out more about the deal, as well as the appetite for offshore wind in the Nordics.

Interview: Prime Capital's Mathias Bimberg on investing in the Nordics

A Word About Wind speak to Mathias Bimberg, head of infrastructure at Prime Capital about the fund’s green investment strategy.

How can investors get smart on artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can help wind investors smarten up their O&M strategies and boost project returns. But do they know enough to harness its power?

Mexico uses Covid-19 to punish wind investors

It’s hard to overstate the importance of energy reforms in Mexico six years ago. These changes opened up the energy market to private investors for the first time, and brought in competition for the state energy companies...

Cubico’s David Swindin on Investing in Greece

We spoke to David Swindin, Cubico's head of EMEA, to find out how wind and solar auctions have been changing the Greek market, and his view on the country's investment credentials.

14MW giant shows the way for Siemens spin-off

German giant Siemens is pressing ahead with the spin-off of its power and gas operations despite the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Can investors trust Germany on distance laws?

On Monday, the ruling coalition of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats agreed to drop the idea of a national 1km distance rule for onshore wind.

How attractive is wind investment in the G20?

This week, law firm Ashurst has published a report, ‘Powering Change’, which shares the views of 2,090 executives in the G20 about the energy transition.

Giants must prove net zero isn’t a fad

Have you ever written? Then you’ll know the rule of three.