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Bidding closes in hard-fought ScotWind tender

Who are wind's most influential women?

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit women the hardest and erased years of progress on gender equality. That is the finding of hundreds of pieces of research in the last year.

Kazakhstan takes steppes into wind

If you could design an area for wind farms, it'd look like the Kazakh Steppe.

Wind goes quiet down under

The Australian wind market is eerily quiet. Not a single onshore wind farm reached financial close in the first five months of 2021.

How can wind help decarbonise by 2050?

How can we get fit for 55? No, we’re not talking about a godawful exercise regime for the early 50s involving kettlebells and protein shakes.

Will flying turbines finally get off the launchpad?

German utility RWE last month won planning permission to build a test centre for flying wind power generators in County Mayo, Ireland.

Interview: Nelson Quinta, Europe Partner, Exus Management Partners

In an exclusive interview with A Word About Wind, Quinta discusses how many market players are “losing focus” when it comes to project performance, what steps can be taken to improve performance

Interview: Doug Hines, CEO, Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas

Talking exclusively to A Word About Wind, Hines told us why we should expect failures in the offshore floating wind market

Exclusive: Shell and Stiesdal talk floating wind

In an exclusive interview at our Financing Wind Europe virtual event, Stiesdal A/S’s Henrik Stiesdal and Vincent Fromont, president and general manager of floating offshore wind at Shell-Eolfi, shared insights on the emerging floating wind industry.

Is power-to-X now vital for wind investors?

Looking at the role that emerging technologies such as green hydrogen and green ammonia will play in the strategies of wind investors over the next decade.