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Green Hydrogen: A new frontier for wind?

It’s tempting to think green hydrogen’s time has come.

South Korea moves offshore again

We love emerging markets as much as the next analyst, and so the news that South Korea is opening up its wind market has piqued our interest. The Asian country has a fraught relationship with renewables.

Our predictions for wind in 2021

What do the next 12 months hold in store for the wind industry? In our first edition of the year, we like to share ten predictions for the year ahead.

2020 predictions: what we got right and wrong

The year started with apocalyptic wildfires in Australia before taking us into a global pandemic, economic collapse and a disputed US presidential election. It’s time for a well-earned holiday.

Eni enters offshore wind with Dogger deal

Every dog has its day. And in recent weeks, most news days have had their Dogger. The 2.4GW Dogger Bank A and B project has been everywhere.

3 big talking points for Financing Wind Inside Investment next week

The focus of the event will be the biggest issues facing investors, and there is no shortage of huge questions for investors this year. Here are three:

French solar cuts will worry wind investors

Last week, the lower house of the French parliament approved a government policy that puts solar PV developers in the firing line.

Does low-price wind harm safety and efficiency?

On Monday, professional services firm ARMSA Consulting published a report called ‘The Great Leap Forward’, which it produced in conjunction with our colleagues at A Word About Wind’s parent firm Tamarindo Group.

Interview: Triple Oak founders Jesse Gronner and Kenneth Labeja

“My month of February was going from a corporate office every day to, literally, my basement and doing business on Gmail.”

How can investors cope with low power prices in the Nordics?

The growth of renewables has played a part in a fall in wholesale power prices in the Nordics that call into question the profitability of future wind farms.