Webinar - The Power Pivot

This event took place on
June 18, 2020

Eliminating non-essential up-tower turbine time has sat front and centre with asset management teams for years - since it reduces portfolio performance and profitability and often only serves to increase operational complexities and personnel and equipment risk.

Yet prior to Covid-19, while the challenge was clear, only the most progressive companies were acting. However, with asset management teams now faced with limited choice but to drive up remote equipment monitoring and predictive failure, how can asset management teams best combine and utilise real world engineering expertise when they’re not on site? And how and why will these recent but profound operational shifts enact a new era of smart maintenance strategies?

Bruce Hall, CEO, ONYX InSight.

Julia Rhodes-Journeay, Director, BlackRock
Alistair Warwick, Head of Technical Functions, BP Wind Energy
Billy Stevenson, Managing Director, Deutsche Windtechnik
Brian McDaid, Head of O&M, RES

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