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Do you like banging your head against your desk?

Then why do you spend so much time doing stuff that makes you want to? Look at that new marketing campaign. You spent months developing it. You agonised over what it should say and how it should look. You invested a lot of time thinking about that copy. Then the email went out – and nobody bloody read it. It’s so frustrating!

And that’s before you even look at your email lists. Are you sick of sending out your marketing emails to the same old contacts? If you aren’t continually refreshing your email lists, then you are missing out on getting in front of new prospects. There are people out there who will love what you do. They just haven’t heard of you yet.

We can help

That’s why you need to advertise in A Word About Wind.

Every week, we send our weekly analysis and news briefing to 6,500 of the biggest decision-makers in the global wind industry. These are people who gets hundreds of emails every day. They’re not short of emails. And yet, we know they open ours.

So what? We can help you to get your brand in front of these people. If you advertise in A Word About Wind then you can grow your firm’s reputation as a ‘go to’ expert in the industry, by associating your brand with a publication that our readers trust.

Benefits to you

You can uncover leads among people who aren’t currently on your mailing lists.

And that will help you in two main ways. First, it will help you generate new leads that you can’t access now. Second, it will build trust in your brand, which helps your sales team to close more deals more quickly.

Also, it’ll stop you banging your head against your desk. Which we don’t recommend. So click below to look at the rate card, and then pick up the phone to Ravi Zaver.

Advertising opportunities

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