A Word About Wind is supported by a small and select number of industry partners. Partnership status gives brands and organisations a unique level of access into the community, plus regular marketing and advertising opportunities.

Gold Partners

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Hyperion Executive Search

Hyperion Executive Search is a talent acquisition specialist within the clean energy, energy storage and cleantech markets.

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Papertrail provides an unrivalled inspection, certification and audit management platform within the renewable energy and other industries.


GCube Insurance

GCube is the leading provider of insurance services for renewable energy projects in wind, solar, biofuels, wave, hydro and tidal around the globe.

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Totaro and Associates

Totaro and Associates provide reports, tools & consulting services to enable better decision making around business strategy, IP licensing, innovation and product development.  

Silver Partners

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Green Giraffe

Green Giraffe is a specialist advisory boutique focused on the renewable energy sector - and in particular offshore wind - launched in 2010 by experienced finance specialists.



Vaisala provides reliable environmental observations for better decision making, safety and efficiency.


OST Energy

OST is an award winning, global engineering consultancy specialising in investment support and technical advisory services for the renewable energy market.

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Tamarindo Communications

Tamarindo Communications is a specialist PR and communications advisory operating in the energy and financial services sectors.