Meet our member: Ben Scholes, CEO, Papertrail




Richard Heap

Meet our member: Ben Scholes, CEO, Papertrail

This month, Papertrail has joined as an additional sponsor on our Quarterly Drinks evenings, alongside our headline sponsor Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

So today, ahead of our first Quarterly Drinks of 2017 tomorrow (23rd March), we wanted to take the chance to introduce the company and its CEO, Ben Scholes.

Ben Scholes, Papertrail.jpg

Name: Ben Scholes
Job: CEO
Company: Papertrail
How long have you worked in renewables?
I am fresh-faced into renewable energy sector, and have only been working in the industry for 12 months. 
We are currently using the planet’s resources at an unsustainable rate. I'm on a personal mission through both my professional and personal life to demonstrate that businesses and families can survive by only consuming what the planet can afford us to, in a super-sustainable way. Food and energy are the first big problems to tackle, so it's great to be involved in the renewable sector to educate our peers and future generations on how we can improve our sustainability.
In ten words or fewer, what does your firm do? 
We provide an inspection, certification and audit management platform.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities at present?
Onshore and offshore wind, and particularly O&M.
What is wind's biggest challenge, and how would you fix it?
The biggest challenges faced are complying with regulations, good practice and also running a super-tight, efficient business. The demand on keeping turbines generating energy is huge, and the only way to tackle this with confidence is to have reliable systems for keeping on top of all inspections, and maintenance work, therefore meeting all compliance requirements.

What do you enjoy most about working in wind?
Were helping to save the world! Renewable energy means a lot more than just producing energy for our current situation on the planet, but for future generations to come.
Why did you join A Word About Wind?
An excellent platform to gain a current news digest for the wind sector and to network with like-minded industry professionals in this rapidly developing sector.